12th February 2013 – John Reilly & Friends

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Previously

John C Reilly 2John Reilly & Friends (featuring Becky Stark & Tom Brosseau)

plus Fionn Regan

Tuesday 12th February 2013
St Andrew’s In The Square Glasgow G1 5PP

Tickets £13 from 0141 204 5151
Book online

Perhaps Better known as an ‘A’ List movie star appearing in Gangs of New York, Chicago and The Aviator as playing the lead in the current Disney smash Wreck It Ralph. John C. Reilly (alongside Beck Stark and Tom Brosseau) also performs acoustic roots music with quite some distinction. We are truly delighted to welcome John and his band to Glasgow to perform in the beautiful setting of St Andrew’s in The Square.

A few words from John on the show: ‘Welcome to the John Reilly and friends roots review. Roots music. It’s just another way of saying good old music that has survived the passing of time. Folk, traditional, bluegrass, close-harmony, country. Whatever labels people have tried to stick to good music through the ages are irrelevant. It’s that song that touches something deeper, that makes ancient sense to your soul. The tree of music has deep roots which go back to these songs. Conceived and sung around lonesome campfires, rain soaked ship’s decks, whispering mountain pines or dusty barren farmland they stand the test of time and keep our souls alive. Join your host John C. Reilly and some incredible singers and musicians as they summon the spirits of the tree of song, from deep down in the roots. You just might feel better somehow.


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